M: 40 Hours Week – 25 Failures?

Hi Brooke,
For my 2019 impossible goal I want to create a consistent habit of working 40 hrs a week.* While this may seem odd to some, let me explain. I work from home and am paid hourly, so having structure and a baseline of paid working hours will give me the ability to budget from previous months earnings so I can build wealth not debt. If I am putting in consistent regular hours, I am building up my skills in my field (Architecture), I will have boundaries on my work time, improve my project turnaround time, and even if I go through a period without paid work I can use the time to learn new software, techniques, etc. Also, I moved across the country last year to an unfamiliar town/state and have not yet made friends, my social life is nil. A day out is hitting up the post office, gym, grocery, I’d like the structure of work time and play time. I think my sanity and finances are at wits end.

Question: Can you help me define what 25 quarterly failures would be if my goal is to work 40 hrs week? I could list each week for the first 12/13 failures. I could schedule my hours in my calendar… I get the impression that you would have a different way of approaching this and I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Would you change the goal altogether?

*Full confession, this was also my 2018 impossible goal. I have been in scholars a year, but spent the majority of my efforts working 1-1 with one of your coaches on a body goal that required a large time commitment and frankly I was ‘trying to do it all’ and my success was bouncing around as priorities shifted. 2019 year I have a ‘side goal’ of starting a family, so now is the time to take charge of my schedule so that I can continue to work from home with added responsibilities in near future.

Thank you! Excited to hear your thoughts.