maintaining weight loss

Hi Brooke! I know maintaining your weight loss is something you’ve mastered!

Due to putting into practice all that I’ve learned from you I am very near my goal weight, and have full confidence I will be there soon. I’ve enjoyed watching the scale go down and really love feeling in charge of what I eat.

I was wondering what advice you have around maintaining your weight. I feel like it’s so much fun loosing weight I’m afraid I wont want to stop….I feel that I am maybe a little obsessed with results. So for the first time in my life (this is so awesome:) I’m not worried about gaining the weight back, more with loosing too much.

I’m thinking being focused on seeing results in my business might be a healthy way to refocus my desire for quantitative progress? What do you thin Brooke??

I think it’s such an amazing gift to have this access to you and I appreciate it so much! Much gratitude, respect and love.