Maintenance ways of thinking

Listened again to advanced weight loss and maintenance and realizing that in a rush to lose weight and get to goal, I lost the weight in isolation (by pre-weighing meals and sticking to my protocol) which I told myself was more comfortable when I was just with my partner and kids. I didn’t worry about their judgment. Additionally, I didn’t do any exception eats and developed a fearful relationship with sugar and flour.

Now that I’m in maintenance, I see how the above way of thinking was problematic and I’m addressing my issues on the back end. I did my first exception eat and tedious powerful worksheet yesterday, and this evening had a recruitment dinner where I ate ahead of time at home, but I ended up ordering a kombucha and a small bowl of soup just so that I wouldn’t “feel weird” not eating.

C: Dinner with colleagues
T: It is unnatural not to eat or share a meal with others
F: deprived
A: eat “against my own will” whether or not I am hungry
R: not show up for myself

C: ate soup with croutons and 1 glass kombucha
T: I shouldn’t have done that
F: Ashamed
A: Beat up no self
R: feel worse

C: same as above
T: I made it to two days of my protocol (more than any other time period in last week) and I can only get better and better!
F: confident
A: stay/learn
R: I string together longer days of my protocol until it is all we do

C: dinner
T: each time I am presented with this choice is more of an opportunity to self-examine
F: curious
A: mindfulness practice
R: grow as a person

C: dinner
T: I can sit with work colleagues and chat and not eat
F: confident/focused
A: not eat at business dinners
R: stick to protocol honor my body

C: dinner
T: not eating at dinner can be completely normal
F: confident
A: interact with colleagues/others with consciousness
R: stick with protocol

Do these models make sense? How can I make them better?