how to make money with passive products

Hi B!

Do you think it’s possible to make money on passive products alone and not doing a lot of coaching? I am choosing to spend a lot of time with my 5 young kids and teach yoga classes vs work a lot on a coaching business right now. I do really think that I can add a value with these products and maybe even some small groups that would have periodic coaching calls. Two thoughts/questions are stopping me…Is it possible that I find clients that will want these products when they aren’t really anything “new” compared to MANY other coaches offering the same thing and how do I believe that I am the expert when someone else (namely you) taught you everything that I know?? I want to focus on teaching women how to stop obsessing about food and achieve their natural weight. Additional topic is how to become a regular exerciser. I really believe that I can help people and I do want to do some coaching as opposed to nothing. I love coaching myself, but feel an obligation to share what I know. Thank you! KW