Light bulb moment!!

Thanks so much for your SOD call today. I asked you to explain the thoughts surrounding if we should quit or try to reduce and you said to think about why I want to continue. If you could take the desire away, would I want you to and why or why not. I thought about big chocolate chip cookies. I have had a weight problem for over 50 years. I have lost 50 to 60 pounds at least 10 times. This past year I lost all my weight….again. I did it this time by “giving up” sugar and flour. Magic..It really works. I not only am easily maintaining my weight loss but I have no desire for anything with sugar or flour…do I wished I did? Of course not!! I can go to a party and easily not eat the cake etc. I just was at a function where they were passing out FREE big chocolate chip cookies. I truly had zero desire for them. So, light bulb moment…that is the same feeling I can have with alcohol. If I do the work. I all ready have it to a degree. I only drink wine or vodka. If you put scotch in front of me, I have zero desire. I get it!! I get it!! So, now that I have lost my weight and am maintaining the loss easily, my new goal is to quit drinking. And I am going to do it the same way I did with food, in stages, gently with many slips ups, but I got there. And I can get to the land of no drinking too. Thanks B