Making peace with a future "negative" circumstance

Hi there!

I was listening to a coaching call with Brooke where she suggested making peace with our negative thoughts first, before changing them (it’s the second coaching call with Brooke down this page: – – the part I’m referring to starts around 21:00).

I was trying to apply this to my negative thoughts about my job. I discovered that I don’t want to quit my job now because I may need to get another job in the future. And not just any job – I’ll have to get a “worse” job – entry-level, doesn’t pay a lot of money, hard to do. And I was asking myself, “ok, let’s say you have to get another worse job later. Let’s say that’s true. So what?”

I’m having a hard time accepting that and making peace with it.

“I get a worse job later, and that’s ok”

There’s major rebellion from my brain about this. Like, no, you’re not quitting this job just to end up getting a worse one later.

I see that Brooke also said that it’s not about necessarily being ok with it. She says “I’m not saying it is or it isn’t” (24:46).

Another thing I’m beating myself up with here is that I think I should think any job is a neutral circumstance. But getting a lower-paying, longer-hours job that has fewer tasks that I like seems pretty hard to accept as just a neutral turn of events.

… Maybe this isn’t a good path to go down since I’m feeling worse as I imagine this coming to fruition.

I think part of it is not really believing in the model. It’s like after I quit my job, I’m saying to myself “who knows what might happen”. It doesn’t depend on my thoughts, it’s just luck or happenstance, etc. So I may get a worse job, it’s not really up to me, and I’m doing my best to protect myself from having that happen to me now.