Managing multiple goals/separating out a single self-coaching goal in a crowded field

I’m in my second week of Scholars. I get that I should narrow my focus to one goal at a time. Before I started Scholars, I had (and still have) a number of balls in the air. Weight loss is a focus (I’m a Weight Watchers coach 5 pounds over goal), I have a full time job as a communications director with a national nonprofit that I would like to enjoy more and be more productive, I have been taking mandolin lessons for the past 4+ years, I have a wife I’d like to connect with better, I have 19 and 17 year old sons I’d like to connect with better. I want to attend to and improve on all of them. I have started a weight loss protocol, and I already have a (less than perfect) mandolin practice protocol. I go to work everyday, so I will be better served there if I can adopt some techniques from Monday Hour One. Can you help me identify signs of “this isn’t working” before I get too frustrated?