Managing the difference between past positive events or goals and infusing them into taking me forward to creating new event or goal.

I am constantly finding my self in cognitive dissonance about all the accomplishments in my past and using them for encouragement for my future. Even though I have accomplished a lot of goals, every time I start a new project or goal my main thought is,.
“Something is wrong with my brain. I’m a slow learner.” This makes me always feel so inadequate

C Successful Accomplishments; Dance instructor at 17 yrs old, Black Belt in karate. Owned & Managed a fitness gym, became a Multi Million $ Real Estate Agent, For the last 20 years Owner & Manager of a Laundromat and Commercial properties.

T Those are all great successes but I’m a slow learner

F Inadequate

A Over compensate, over consume, not applying, comparing to others, over indulging through food, busy work, TV, phone, Beating myself up not getting any clarity

R Completely dismissing of what I am capable of