Journaling + Writing Out Models

I joined Scholars a couple of weeks ago because I’ve been suffering from extreme anxiety from the beginning of the year, and want to change my thinking.

I used to journal daily for many years, but stopped two years ago because I felt that I was writing the same problems out over and over again and not moving forward. It wasn’t making me feel better.

I love to write, but now I’m feeling anxious about starting journaling and writing out models. I pushed through last night and came up with:

C: Not writing daily
T: I’m avoiding it, probably because I’m scared, but can’t pinpoint
F: Anxious
A: Don’t write, buffer, spin stories
R: Live anxiously in my head

I know from SCS that anxious isn’t actually a feeling, but I had physical symptoms of anxiety.

From here, do I do an IM with “write daily” in the C line, or do I ask myself questions?