Manifesting my ex moving out without the loss of money

I fear my ex. Point blank! We divorced 3 years ago. We decided then to co parent in one house but things changed and I no longer want to continue this way! I need privacy and my own life so I gathered all my power and I told him!

He has a new family, which I had to find out recently, with two small children. But he doesn’t want to live there! And I gave 16 years of my life and it’s time for a new chapter of my life, my growth, my happiness. But I have this fear that he will leave me hanging dry. I told him my decision. He is ignoring it now! I need to sit him down again to get my wish across but when I want to I stop myself afraid for his reaction……why? He never beat me or anything but passive-aggressive is more his style of punishment. What do I do?