Mans comment about my financial situation.

I was just talking to someone over message who i’m fond of, we get on very well.

I made a joke saying i struggle with numbers and that can be a problem when you think you’re invoicing $10,000.00 but you accidentally write $10.00
irony is he misread the number (which isnt really the point) and said your not invoicing $100k or $10.00.
when i said how do you know that he said ‘because you drive a mini’ ($30k value- which i do not own, but he doesn’t know that)

As soon as he said that i notice a feeling in my chest, almost like a summersault in my chest and stomach. i tried to do a model on this but got stuck

C “your not invoicing $10 or $100k because you’re driving a mini”
T How ****ing dare he?
F Anger? (offended- is that a feeling)
A Not reply, sulk, prove point, decide I am going to make 100k in my coaching business to prove him wrong, ruminate
R ???

Am i mixing models?? maybe my thought isn’t accurate? I’m really struggling to find what other thought might be there

Its worth noting he has made a huge success of his business and is really wealthy and very talented . he doesn’t really know anything about my financial situation, but in truth it is pretty dehire. I have a lot of shame around my funds and I’m living in a house alone that currently cant afford and i am scared,but I’m looking to turn that around with my new coaching business.
I feel so embarrassed and him saying that feels like a kick in the stomach. maybe thats because its true.

I feel like that sentence is probably the worst thing he could have said to me. I feel so much shame, the truth is I cant even afford the repayments on my mini right now so when he said that i felt even more shame than i already do. I feel inferior too.
I also wonder if he would make that comment to a man.