marco- eliminating wine

I mentioned before I felt I was farting around for my first 6 months in scholars- consuming more than DOING and 2018 is my year to drop 60 lbs- by managing/eliminating my desire for wine and to stop overeating. I was doing the drink plans on and off- often breaking commitments – doing the oopsy- On the Jan first I decided to just take a break from alcohol altogether. I actually poured out 3/4 of a bottle- I am keeping my urge tally- doing my thought work. Why do I feel like giving wine up is a cop out? That NOT having any wine is easier than sticking to the drink plan? But I’m excited to not have any wine- I really think it will help with my goal of dropping the 60 lbs. And my desire the past three days has been low- certainly WAY below where I was 6 months ago. So maybe I haven’t been wasting my time afterall? Thoughts?