Hi Brooke,

I have been doing thought downloads and models on my complaining about work and my health issues and had a breakthrough recently. The story I am telling myself and others is that I am a martyr. I am doing all these things for others and getting nothing in return. I am in a lot of physical pain and no one cares or wants to do anything to help me despite what I do for them now and in thr past. I want their admiration and pity. And I feel this drives people away because they tire of feeding the pity machine or feeling like a charity case. I am definitely not a silent martyr since I complain a lot about it and do feel a lot of resentment towards others since I feel like they take me and what I do for granted. How do I change my thoughts and feelings about what I do for others to get myself out of the martyr thought loop? How do I get the help I need without guilting others into it? I know I need to stop complaining but I do not want to be a silent martyr either. Any help or insight you can give me wpuld be greatly appreciated.