Massive Action for Debt

I have gotten myself into a lot of debt from obtaining my security in my looks and the way I dress and also by giving to other people. It doesn’t matter how much something would cost, if it made me think of someone I would buy it! I love to make people happy by giving.

My thoughts about money for a long time have been I am never going to pay this debt off anyway, so what is the point in trying and what is a little more.

I am working on changing that to I can make the choose to pay the debt off and it is my decision as to whether I decide to pay my debt or spend.

I listened to 2 podcasts this morning, one on money that talks about how I think about the money/debt is the problem. I can see how my previous thoughts on money have made me not even try to pay it off. The other podcast was on priorities and how you have to align priorities with what is important. Getting out of debt has become very important to me. This one also said that we need to track our time to see how much time we are spending on our priorities.

My question is how do you be proactive (taking massive action) on getting out of debt. I feel like I need to be actively doing something, for example I have dealt with depression in the past and in order to get better I actively found an amazing psychiatrist, took my medicine, did light therapy, exercised, meditated, etc until I was better. For my weight loss I plan my meals ahead of time, go to the grocery store and cut up all my fruits and veggies for the week, make sure I always have healthy snacks, schedule my workouts, etc. But for spending, it seems like “not doing” anything and just waiting for time to pass. Ultimately for me, time passes and because I am not actively doing anything, I lose steam and do not gain any momentum. As with my weight loss I know if I could just get some momentum it would give me more willpower to keep going, but instead every month I just see the situation get worse. For me willpower comes from doing. I know I am not going to wake up one day and have willpower, but instead the willpower will come from not wanting to undo what I have accomplished. Any advice you can give it greatly appreciated.

You have made an enormous change in my life already only after about 2 months! So thankful I found you!