Self-care in service career

Hi Brooke – I just wrote asking if there will be a co-dependency month, but then I realized I better work on this now! The dare I set myself to coach a friend who has asked me to is bringing up deep emotions. All morning I’ve been feeling sadness, anger, and even grief I think. This happens whenever I think about moving forward in my coaching career, but this is the first time I’ve realized there are THOUGHTS behind this! So today I’ve been allowing the emotions and listening for the thoughts. I seem to think if I’m coaching someone I cannot take care of myself.

C: Have been asked to coach friend
T: I don’t want to take care of someone else because I don’t get to take care of myself.
F: Anger, sadness, grief, resentment
A: Curl up in a ball
R: Don’t coach. Don’t move forward in career.

New model:

C: Have been asked to coach a friend.
T: I can listen to and teach others, while still caring for myself.
F: Self-confident, self-cared-for
A: Say yes
R: Exciting new coaching career

Do you have any other ideas on what my new thoughts could be? Or HOW specifically I can practice taking care of myself in a service career? I’m so happy to finally recognize and work on shifting this. It’s been completely holding me back for 3 years – actually my whole adult life – (and I’ve only been in Scholars for 2 weeks!)…

Thank you so much!