Master at manifesting insecurities

I was in a Clubhouse conversation yesterday and one of the participants’ profile included the words “master manifestor.” As I read his profile and listened to him speak, I felt insecure. T: I don’t actually believe there’s a version of me who’s mastered money.

I reflected on my history with chronic underearning. Ruminating on the fact that being a master manifestor of the things I want hasn’t been my reality so I think it will continue to not be my reality. I feel envious of people who say, “Everything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve achieved.” And those who say, “I want for nothing. I have it all.”

I want to be able to say “Everything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve achieved.” When I reflect on my past there’s just been so much struggle, especially with earning.

My focus on money mastery is calling it in through my coaching business. And having a comfortable amount of money to fund travel and entertainment experiences with loved ones. I downright suck at powerful income production. There’s seems to be so much I haven’t manifested and have been working on for YEARS. I’m running out of time. I don’t want to be in my 50s having experiences I wanted so badly in my 20s and 30s. I recently turned 40 and I’m afraid that my body will deteriorate which means I won’t enjoy the manifestations as when my body is still pretty spry. (I’ve never admitted this to another person, though it’s been in my head.)

I want to achieve all my desires.
I want to feel free about however many revolutions I’ve completed around the sun.
I want to have mastered income production.
And I want to do this all enjoying my life with ease as I work on these endeavors.