Memories- My virtual ‘hope chest’

I shut off this morning’s podcast and had to write this. You hit me square in my gut… I am currently certified life and weight loss coach (thru you of course) and just starting off with this awesome business. Ever so grateful for my progress on mental health and giving this to others!!However as you were talking about wealth management and sharing and passing stories down from generation to generations you stoked my fire…. I have mapped out this business for individuals in the past – saving pictures, videos, fine art (and the story of where who and why) trips, etc… and passing all this down from generation to generation in an organized internet basis…
My opportunity to give to people over and over while making passive income… hmmmm
Now hmm…. Focus on one thing at a time!!!!!! But I don’t want to keep putting this on the back burner…. thoughts, comments etc…..