menopause sleep problems

I have a good life, a very busy job in which I think I’m thriving. However, I also struggle in various ways (don’t we all!) which is why I’m in Scholars.

My immediate issue is to do with menopausal difficulties. I’m 48, I’m going through the menopause & managing it relatively well with HRT. However it still goes up & down. This week my sleep was particularly bad, waking at 3 am and not being able to sleep again, then panicking about how I’ll get through my very busy work-filled days. What ended up happening was 3 days of binge-eating (many biscuits & candy at the office which is usually an area where I have a clear ‘no’ rule). There were other effects from the sleeplessness.

I did a model today and want help to build an intentional model as a priority as I’m finding myself feeling overwhelmed.

Unintentional model
C- this week sleep average on FitBit 5 hours approximately. Ate off plan 3 days.
T- I cannot take proper care of myself.
[AND I don’t know where to start OR My brain is scattered but focusing on thought above]
F – overwhelmed
A- buffering: eating sweets at work, buying cookies from supermarket, ‘fog eating’
jumping from one task to another
buffering via internet – scrolling phone
avoid walking
confuse myself with worrying, scattered thoughts
adding things to To Do List continuously
R- I don’t take care of myself. I put on weight.

Intentional model
C- this week sleep average on FitBit 5 hours approximately. Ate off plan 3 days.
T – ??
F – ??
A- I do work on ideas around buffering / overwhelm / sleep: how else can I take care of myself when I’m unwell / tired, what do I need?
I don’t drink coffee during the day (after breakfast)
I still do my meal planning & follow my plans
use urge jar
what else ???
R –I take care of myself and lose weight despite the difficulties sleeping.