Merging Goals

I’m struggling with having just one goal.

I am a health coach and I want to help people losing weight. I myself never accomplished a weight loss. I never really had that big goal. Sometimes it popped up, but then I decided I look awesome. I feel like I have no story to tell. Nothing that I can go back to. No personal experience that I can get my niche from.
I personally started this job or the career because I resonated with the part that true happiness comes from the mental site and not from how you look, how much you weight e.g.
I also wanted to help people to eat more plant-based food. I’ve been vegan for 5 years, no I am slowly going back to less restrictive eating. Though here I feel like I am sabotaging myself.
Then I want to help people to overcome overeating. I never really have been dieting, but when I think I should try it and not eat sugar and flour for a while…I end up eating more and sabotaging myself.
Then I think, I should work with clients and teach how to eat balanced aka moderation. This is basically what I do. How I usually eat, without any problem though. I love eating super healthy with a lot of veggies and greens and occasionally I’m eating a pizza or a burger…since I started coaching I end up eating those things more and more and going to more food that I know is not good for myself.

It’s annoying. I see it as a learning process for what my clients go through.

So now, I think I should stop eating sugar and flour for good for 6 weeks (at least) and have a weight loss goal or at least a protocol to stick through. I want to prove to myself that I can manage my thoughts around it.

However, if I do that…I have more than one goal. Though I feel it all connects. Everything I do, I do it for my business. To get clear on my business, to evolve. To become the best coach I can be.

So would it be effective to work on my own way of eating and establish a protocol and set a weight loss goal, while my goal for 2019 is to get my health coaching business running, attract constant clients and quit my nanny job? HELP!!! <3