Migrating Urges

I started my food plan six days ago using the urge jar and I allow the ten minutes to process the urge and have been doing really well so far.
Yesterday I noticed an urge to overeat. Again, I felt it all the way through and even wrote down models, fully understanding what’s going on with my brain and being at peace with it.
Then at the end of the day my husband asked me, ‘What was that $400 charge today?’
I thought for a second and remembered that I visited an online retail store and got myself three items for the summer.

Now, I don’t have a protocol for shopping because it’s never been an issue for me, but it’s also not really me to spend $400 and to have to think for a moment before I remember it happened.

It got me thinking, could it be that since my brain is starting to realize it’s human is not rewarding overeating urges, that it tries to signal other ways to get rewards, such as shopping?

On one hand, nothing ‘bad’ happened. I can always return the merchandise after receiving it, but if I won’t pay attention, my brain might migrate its urges to over spending?