Mind blowing goal weight?

I’m 51 and 5’5″. Currently weigh 244. Clearly I have a long way to go to get to my goal weight. I gave up on even thinking about ever again being below 150 years ago. I figured as I aged and with stretched skin (from weight gain rather than kiddos) and all that, anything less than that would be too difficult or not look good. That was before SCS. Now I want to set a mind blowing goal but not sure what that number should be. For what it’s worth, in my younger years when I was super skinny I would have been considered small boned and felt too skinny below 120 (I think that was the number). I always felt a size 6 was as low as I’d want to go as people told me I was too skinny when went to a size 4 (by 1990 standards) purely from not eating much during a super stressful time.

What would you suggest as a goal weight to shoot for? Thanks!!