Mini-goals/fails or constraint?

My impossible goal is to weigh 115 lbs by April without a diet mentality and maintain it throughout the year. I was able to come up with about 15 fails for the first quarter and then, as I was brainstorming, I thought about the question you often ask: what would a person who has already lost that weight and maintained it be like?

Answer: She would not be thinking about food and her life would be full and active. She would not be sitting around all day in front of her computer procrastinating around her work tasks or scrolling on FB. She would not be watching mindless TV for two hours each night (often snacking) because she would be doing other things instead.

So…. I was wondering if some of my fails could include things like: “Volunteer for a new project at work” or “No going on social media” or “Spend a couple hours reading or organizing at the end of the day instead of watching TV” ? These are indirectly related to my weight goal because that person who I will become is like that? Are these okay to put as some of my “fails”? Or do I need to constrain? I already have things like: “Food journal every day” “Watch the Overeating Masterclass” “Plan exception meals weekly” etc. but I wanted to add some of the others above. What do you think? Thanks!