Model about Sugar

I am having a big struggle with sugar.
It seems the more I want to stop, the harder it is.
This morning I brought fat bombs to try to help me, I ate three.
It seems my body is in scarcity mode, I end up grabbing all kinds of food I don’t want to eat.

C: People bring donuts and candy to my work
T: I won’t partake (but changes to I want one)
F: incapable of resisting
A: I eat two donuts & grab chocolate from candy jars
R: Pants are becoming too small

How do I change my thinking and therefore my actions? I try thinking that I won’t eat them but then it usually changes to those look so good as soon as I see them. I’m so disappointed in myself at the end of most days, I keep getting bigger and my clothes are not fitting.

Below is the model I would like to have: What am I missing? How can I get there?

C: People bring donuts and candy to my work
T: These foods are not fuel
F: Happy; satisfied
A: Resist
R: Fit back into my clothes