Model advise – questions to ask for result

I am not sure what my result is in this model. When I think about a sentence and result that I think I am getting I am not sure what to write. What are some questions that I can ask myself or examples, please. I know that the result is suppose to reveal itself from the actions but…. thank you for your help.

C Writing letter to condo board
T I need to write this out to them again
F Determined
A Got Doctor letter to send to the board.
Decided to write a summary of all my emails to make is easier and clearer so that hopefully they will not continue to delay having me move forward with AC installation.
Decided to wait a day until I send it to make sure it is very neutral and supportive and not bitchy and complaining.
Keep thinking about what is important to abbreviate to them and what not to say.
Choose not to think how unreasonable etc they are being and remind myself that taking a helpful kinder approach might get a better result.
R ______________________________