Model Around Spending $21,000 Take 2

I had written in about needing help with a model I was doing over spending $21,000 on the upcoming certification. I got back some good feedback and ideas and wanted to tweak it again and see if there was any other thoughts on it:

C: Spending $21,000 on upcoming certification
T: I better become a successful coach after going through this certification or all that money was a real waste and money that could have been used for other things for my family!
F: Pressured
A: Remaining in the ” I don’t know what I should do??” stage. Not moving forward, continuing to research over and over other programs that I know I don’t connect to as much, just going in circles over and over.
R: Nada! Spending so much time on not knowing that I can’t even dive in to all of the other amazing things Scholars offers because I keep going back to processing this. ( Like right now I really just want to be in a class or in the study vault and not doing a model on this particular issue still) and if I did enter certification in this mindset there is no doubt that I would be sabotaging any potential success.

New model:
T: Even if I spend $21,000 and don’t become a successful coach, I know in my heart I will become successful in whatever I chose as my next venture because of the incredible and inspired teachings and processing I will do in this program. It will be impossible to not come out a changed person and successful in whatever I chose to do in the future, ( side note: not sure if I am still putting pressure on myself to be successful but I think when I say “successful” in this second case , there is a lot less weight and pressure then the first time and it really feels wide open and not locked down needing to be awesome in this one particular way)
A: Signing up! Moving on and moving forward! Diving in to all the other things I want to learn in Scholars.
R: Opening up myself to a place of change and ability to truly become successful because now I am loving myself and having my back.

Thank you!