Model Check

C: Scale says 129.0
T: I’m not making progress fast enough.
F: Constricted, tight, feeling like I need to PUSH through and WIN. Kind of like determined, but coming from a place of competition and scarcity – any idea what this feeling is called?
A: Urge to restrict my eating, I consider changing protocol, getting closer to “fuck it” brain, urge to buffer
R: I sabotage my progress first in my mind, and then on the scale

C Brain offers the thought “I’m not making progress fast enough”
T It’s possible that everyone who has ever lost weight has had this thought, too
F Determined, confident
A No action – I let GO of the urge to restrict, continue with my planned protocol and daily weighing with the knowledge that nothing has gone wrong here.
R I become a person who has lost weight and has had this thought.

Open to feedback.