Model feedback – ashamed of the hustle?

Hi Brooke & team! Just joined yesterday and I’m LOVING SCS :).
I wonder if these models are correct and aligned, or if I’m missing something…

—–Unintentional model
C: my business
T: this is harder than I thought, maybe I’m doing it wrong, I shouldn’t have to work so many hours
F: overwhelm and shame
A: frantic energy, sense of graspiness and putting long hours to try to work fewer hours (LOL)
R: business building journey made hard

—–Intentional model
C: my business
T: maybe this is supposed to be hard and maybe I’m supposed to put long hours, especially at the beginning because I’m learning so many new things and setting my systems in place. It’s possible that Brooke or Pat Flynn didn’t start off their first year of business working 2 or 3 days a week only. Maybe I can handle some hustle now…
F: encouragement
A: less sense of graspiness and perhaps putting fewer hours as a result of not trying to take shortcuts with frantic energy.
R: business building journey made easier

The T of the intentional model does create the desired F, especially to relieve the shame of not being yet at my “3-day workweek’ type of situation.

But: I also have a separate model where I’m afraid thinking that intentional T too long could make me complacent and lazy – lol.

Is the effectiveness of certain thoughts bound to time and place? Any feedback is appreciated. THANK YOU <3