Model feedback – Dance and weight gain

I dance for pleasure (hobby) and belong to a dance company that does a public performance every year. This year I have gained a few more pounds and not as toned as I usually am. The show is coming up and find myself being a little self critical of how I have let my self go (I am 64 and have always been in great shape). I would like feedback on my UM and IM . Yes, a little self indulgent, but am using this as an example to better understand how a Model can help create a shift in perspective. Thanks….

Unintentional Model:
C Dance performance in 3 months
T I feel out of shape and worry how I will look and feel dancing in the tight fitting outfits I have to wear
F frustrated
A Ruminate about how I gained weight and should have lost a few pounds / toned up by now, waste energy on negative self talk, have inconsistent eating patterns, self esteem drops,
R Do dance performance in 3 months and feel preoccupied with not looking/feeling my best – and don’t enjoy the process as much

Intentional Model:
C Dance performance in 3 months
T Want to be in the best shape I can and confident when I wear my tight fitting dance outfits
F Committed
A Create food protocol and stick with it (minimize sugar/flour, alcohol, snacks……), schedule regular exercise, make sure to get enough relaxation as long rehearsals tire my body and don’t want an injury (massage, baths, sleep, rest,…)
R My body gets toned in 3 months and I am confident in my ability to rock the dance show (and I enjoy how I look and feel).