Model feedback on son waking multiple times per night

Hi there. My 7 year old has started waking up multiple times per night (4-5 times). He used to sleep through the night and then he started waking up once per night. Each time he wakes up I walk him back – sometimes I rub his head and stay with him while he falls asleep. I’m running on fumes with lack of sleep (he was an awesome sleeper as a baby!).

Here are my unintentional and intentional models. Any feedback on this for me?

C: Son waking up 4 times per night
T: If I don’t get sleep I will get sick
F: Panicky/anxious
A: Get angry when woken up, buffer, not get things done as I’m too “tired”, not show up how I want to as a safe place for my son
R: I cause mental suffering on top of physical tiredness

C: Son waking up 4 times per night
T: This is a phase and we will get through it
F: Peaceful
A: Show up calmer and patient, comfort son, manage mind, get things done even when tired
R: We will get through it

Thank you!