Model Help (2)

I love the availability of Ask a Coach when working through models so thanks in advance.

C: ordered take out 4 times this week
T: they’d be able to afford a better place if they spent their money more wisely
F: judgemental
A: ruminate about how they could/should spend their money, lose sleep thinking about it, talk with husband about it, story fondle with friends about it, look for evidence to support my T, look online for places they “could” afford, passively-aggressively remind daughter about spending, compare them to other kids their age and where they live
R: reinforce my beliefs/judgments they’re not doing it right in managing their money (???)—>not sure if this is an accurate R

C: ordered take out 4 times this week
T: it’s not my job to know what’s best for them and what/how they should be spending their money
F: accepting
A: don’t spend time in their business, don’t offer unsolicited advice, remind myself they are adults who deserve the space to figure out what is best for them just like I did, remind myself there is zero upside to comparing
R: I know what’s best for me (???)

I don’t feel like the thought in the intentional model generates enough emotion. This is often where I get a little hung up in moving forward. It feels more like a mantra and less like a physical sensation if that makes sense. TIA for your help!