Starting over with weight loss

I have had so many starts and stops with my weight loss goals over the past few years that I am exhausted.

When thinking about how the process goes and fails for me this is what I have realized. I plan a protocol with some enthusiasm, get started, and inevitably on day two or three start to feel discouraged and think thoughts like “this process is too slow”, “ will I get the results I want? “ when will it happen?”
These discouraging thoughts lead to me thinking that I am not taking enough action, that I need a more rigorous exercise plan, etc…

Lately, I have been thinking that if I set smaller goals for myself that might be a better place for me to start. I would like to create a protocol and stick with it for two weeks. As I am creating this plan I already feel fear and anxiety creeping in with thinking that I will again feel discouraged mid plan with the results that I am getting and quit and then I end up feeling hopeless. How can I move past this?
I think all in all, the problem is that I don’t believe in myself and don’t trust myself to be strong and I would like to change that.
How can I create momentum and confidence to keep taking action. How can I stay inspired and motivated?