Model help

I’m struggling with my model for my dare of the day, can’t seem to get it together.

I have been irritable and lashing out all day, which is extremely rare for me. I want to tell my partner that I’m having massive anxiety (which I very rarely have) and that I’m disappointed in his lack of support. We are working on a project together but he’s not done anything for 2 weeks and left it all to me, telling me he doesn’t know how to do this (I don’t either, I have to learn as I go). The problem is that it’s going to take longer than the deadline and I’m every now and then asking for help with decision making etc and always get the same answer, that he doesn’t know or know how to.

My fear model:
C – I tell him about my anxiety and disappointment.
T – He’ll be defensive.
F – Unsupported.
A – I’ll be pointing fingers.
R – Argument.

Model self-confidence:
C – Feeling anxious and disappointed (these are feelings but the circumstance??)
T – I can handle this on my own.
F – Confident.
A – Go into the other room and talk to him.
R – He knows how I feel.

My self-confidence model doesn’t seem to make any sense. Can you help re-doing this model please?