Model help

Hi there, I have been working with a few different models. I have started just with the thoughts, not the circumstance, only because I have been able to identify the default thoughts that I think all the time and these thoughts don’t seem to be dependent on a particular circumstance, they are almost more like beliefs, habits and belief patterns that I wake up with in my brain and I want to change.

T: Lifes not fair
F: down, powerless, resigned
A: Cry, feel depressed, look for things in my life to prove that my life is not fair
R: I feel down a lot and negative about life in general and I complain about it.

T: LIfe has my back and there is nothing I can’t cope with
F: Calm and safe
A: Look to the future with purpose and direction
R: I grow as a result in my own confidence and abilities

T: Everything is too much, I can’t cope
F: Overwhelm and anxiety
A: My thoughts race, I don’t know what to do first, I spin and get nothing done
R: Very little action and a lot of drama

T: I can cope with anything that comes my way, I’m doing great
F: Reassured, safe
A: Plan well so I don’t get overwhelmed
R: Able to do what I need to do without getting stressed or overwhelmed.

T: I don’t know what I want
F: Anxious, afraid
A: Look outside myself or to others for the answer, fret, don’t trust myself
R: No clear plan, don’t appreciate all the things I do have

T: I do know what I want
F: feel excited and future-focused
A: do a positive thought download of all the things that I want and already have. Think about all the new things I want and get to work making that happen.
R: Have more things in my life that I want and love

T: Nothing works out for me
F: Defeated, empty, lost
A: Think of all the ways I’ve failed and all the things that haven’t worked out in the past. Self-hate for being a failure, compare me to others, do a lot of self-loathing and look for evidence as to why I am a failure and not worthy of joy.
R: I take all my wins away from myself and don’t back myself, stall my movement forward, have only negative experiences.

T: The universe always works in my favour and has my back
F: safe, comforted, relieved
A: Breath, settle into me, be in allowance
R: Open to new possibilities and clarity

Thank you, just wanting to see that I am on the right track with new productive thoughts that will hopefully grow new and more positive neural pathways in my brain 🙂