Model help — feeling neutral because my old belief system was reinforced (and it is a bad belief!)

C – I calculated, and quoted, incorrect pricing for a customer
T – I am not smart with math (a long-held belief that SUCKS but feels so natural because it has so much proof to back it up)
F – pretty neutral, maybe even a touch of relief (because it feels good to have evidence to support a belief?)
A – I apologize for error and re-quote
R – I do a better job next time
*The statements in parentheses above are not a part of my model, only an explanation for you)

I don’t want to feel OK about a negative belief, even if I have so, so, so much evidence to support that belief. In trying to get to a more neutral model, with the first versions starting with me being super upset about my error, I got to this one and was stunned by the physical feeling of “ok, fine.” I feel neutral. I challenged my thoughts and realize maybe the thought line should be a combination of the thought as written above PLUS “and, duh, you knew that,” but I don’t think we are supposed to have 2 thoughts in the T line. Will you please help me sort this out for the sake of doing better models, but also help me understand where to go from here because that thought and feeling are sad even though they feel ok. The positive here is, I guess, that in the past I would feel horrible and beat myself up but by doing this model I got out of that terrible feeling pretty quickly. What the what???