Model help/insights

I could use some insight/guidance on the model below.

A bit of background: my husband is a good man and we have built a wonderful life together. He has never been physically affectionate, however, and I have longed for it. (I was with a father who was emotionally warm and physically demonstrative… my husband was raised in a rather cold and unsympathetic environment.) I use to initiate affection with my husband but at that time we had small kids, I was not working, and he resented it. In his resentment, he was often passive aggressive. When I initiated affection, he did not reciprocate it and was sort of cold about it (e.g., drop my hand if I reached to hold his). I stopped being affectionate and now, years later, he has truly become sorry for his past resentment and behavior, has told so me many times, and we generally get along well. However, we are still not affectionate because we just sort of stopped that and now it feels really sort of awkward for us both. I have told him I miss it and he now says he wants that too. But we are both so awkward and not used to touching each other with affection and it doesn’t happen. Here are my models:

C: Husband and I have not touched for 7 days
T: He’s cold and he’s weird… why can’t he just be warm (as in physically affectionate)?!
F: Repulsed (because I think of him as cold and awkward) / Also resentment that I have to always be the one to reach out!
A: Distance self from him/act irritated with him/ make him feel small about misc stuff (sometimes)
R: Emotional distance between us grows and there is no physical affection

IM –
C: Husband and I have not touched for 7 days
T: He’s such a wonderful and loving man; this does not come easy for him so, even though it is a bit awkward for me, I will be the one to initiate and add warmth to our relationship — even if he can’t always receive it.
F: Compassion
A: Give him hugs; start kissing him hello and good-bye
R: We both slowly start to make our way to feeling physically comfortable with each other again.

This model feels pretty good, though I still have some resentment for having to be the one to initiate…. which I know I should drop. Any thoughts/ideas for moving forward are much appreciated! Thank you!