Model Help – Weight Loss Goal

Hi Coaches!
I’m having trouble with my new thought in my intentional model. I want to generate feelings of confidence and commitment, but am blocked! Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help as always!

C – 108 weight loss goal
T – This weight loss goal is conflicting with healing my relationship with my body and food. If I weigh 108 it means I have an eating disorder.
F – Scared/Fear
A – Eat past the point of satiation. Eat more than my body requires for fear of looking like I have an eating disorder. Ignore fullness cues for fear of having an eating disorder if I stop. Finish my plate even if I’m not hungry for fear of anyone (including myself) thinking I have an eating disorder. Eat out of punishment. Punish myself with food. Punish myself for even wanting to weigh 108. Punish myself for having this shameful weight loss goal. Punish myself for even wanting to lose weight.
R – Overeat

C – 108 weight loss goal
T – The number on the scale does not dictate my relationship with food and body (this isn’t really working???)
F – Committed
A – Honor my body’s natural fullness cues. Leave food on my plate when I’m physically satiated. It’s ok to leave food on the plate. Feel emotions rather than eat them. Choose balanced healthy meal options with a few exceptions each week. No longer judge myself for having this weight loss goal. Love myself throughout this process. Continue to make progress even though the road will not be perfect. Let go of perfectionism as I am learning this skill for LIFE.
R – No longer overeat