Model about Job opportunity


Model help, please….
I was asked before Christmas by a neighbor to help in their store. I said I was interested and we would discuss more details later. I seen this an as opportunity to make spending cash. While on Holiday and signing up for SCS I committed to graduate the 12-months and make/have new income for SCS so it wont come out of savings or our “real” business. So the guy calls back today and offers me 2-3 set day a week. I freaked out. I have a ranch to run with my husband. Set days is not convenient to our schedule here. etc. And then in the midst. Hello Charlotta…. you asked/wanted an income to pay for SCS…. here it is and you are stopping it. So I did a model and asking for your input.

C Offered 2-3 days scheduled job per week
T That is more than I understood we talked about and it will interfere with our business at home.
F Anxious and fear
A Questioning myself for saying I was interested
R Won’t state my needs

C Offered 2-3 days scheduled job
T Opportunity to pay SCS
F Excited
A Say yes and state my needs
R Either get job and pay SCS or they decide I’m not the fit

Is this to vague. Would I benefit from doing models on all the different thoughts coming up.


Am I too vague. Would it