Boundary question.

Hi Brooke!

I could use some coaching on a boundary.
A family member treats me disrespectfully when they have a few glasses of alcohol around their friends.
There are usually people around and I am ashamed of their behavior and feel very negative about the entire situation.
I realize I have no control over other people and their behavior.
This is not a person I would remove from in my life.
This happened once before a few years ago, I mentioned this and they did not do this until now.
I am wondering if I should set a boundary for myself and not be around them when there is alcohol and friends and tell this person that I am going to do this… or just wait until another occasion arises where this could happen and mention my boundary then.
Maybe neither, any suggestions welcome.

C- Family member disrespectful when drinking
T- Someone needs some duct tape
F- Humiliated
A- Act cold and distant
R- Feel bad
Intentional Thought Pattern
C- Family member disrespectful when drinking around friends
T- I am not around so I have no negative thoughts
F- Neutral
A- Hope that they stop drinking and upsetting people
R- Much more at peace

Thanks so much!!