Model on fear of hurting partner

Hello, I would love to get some feedback on a model I just created. It is about my fear to hurt the other person in a romatic relationship. It is one of the most terrible feelings I can think of.
The Model I tried out is the following:

C: Relationship with my partner
T: I am terribly afraid that I am going to break his heart (eventually).
F: Pain, (fear)
A: I people please him, I follow the impulse to be actively tender out of pity
R: I’m withdrawn from him within myself and not fully present

I know that the last two are kind of similar, but I see that not being genuine in showing my self out of the fear and the pity that comes with the pain of anticipating to hurt him, I create the result of having “lied” to him about who I am in this moment and therefore kind of “betray” him ahead of time.  But I’m not very sure if what I put in the model is correct.

Thanks a lot