Inappropriate Relationship

C – his relationship with women
T- their whole relationship is inappropriate
F – angry, resentment, bitter (I know technically only one emotion)
A – show up mad, resist connection, feel angry, not really living my life, waiting for this to be resolved and so not happy in my life
R – see evidence everywhere that thought is true, feel like its true, unhappy, not connecting to partner or to love, shitty experience of life

Hi, so I can see the model – all I know to do is to get busy being happy in my life and let this guy go.  I still interact w/ him in life and not sure I can prevent that – which is what makes things come up.

I want to face whatever my stiff is on this.
I won’t be in a relationship w/ him if he’s w/ other women.  And the truth is he’s not doing right – so I need to leave.

Could you help me see more clearly here and get perspective? Or what coaching would you offer around this?