Model on unsafety

hello Brooke
I am becoming marvelously aware of my.. er.. shortcomings, which inspires me to draw up a lot of models. The new thoughts I nominate seem to resonate but I’m a bit worried I’ve turned in to Julie Andrews. Am I being optimistic? Realistic? Simplistic? Or do you think this will actually have an effect on my choice of thoughts? I feel like a pupa trying to watch itself turn in to a butterfly.
Here is an example

C: Scholars
T: It’s not safe to be myself
F: Fear of persecution
A: Keep to my existing map of things
R: Stay comfortably uncomfortable

T: I am already myself and so far nothing catastrophic has happened. I might as well enjoy it.
F: Tender, vulnerable, exposed, alive
A: Explore new thinking with curiosity and commitment
R: Aware of fear, open to moving gently forward

Does that sound workable?