Model question

So if circumstances are things out of our control, and circumstances create our thoughts, is it possible to have a thought without a circumstance? Meaning, I’m having a REALLY HARD time committing to getting back to the gym and working out hard so I can attain the IMPOSSIBLE GOAL I’ve set for myself and my thoughts are “it takes too much work to achieve what I want”, I’m too tired at the end of the day”, “I’m too old to be at 25% body fat at 60”. And of course these thoughts drive my INACTION to go to the gym, and the results are VERY clear. BUT…what is the circumstance that is out of my control that is driving those thoughts??? I’ve tried the Minimum baseline theory and that lasted for a few weeks. I just felt silly. I know, it was more about my commitment to myself but I bailed.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I set this goal in October 2018 and to date have not followed through on what I need to do and time is ticking.

On a positive note…I successfully used the 3 part Stop Overdrinking to control my drinking. YAY FOR ME AND YOU.