Model question: how close should T and R-lines be?

In a session this week, we created a model — see details below. I don’t see the T-line as matching the R-line. I thought the idea was for the R-line to ‘prove’ the T-line, but in this case I don’t see that direct link.

Here’s how we built out the client’s model:

C: My mother asked me about my kids while I was mid-sentence talking about something else.
T: She doesn’t understand me.
F: I feel sad.
A: The next step — action — was that I stopped communicating with my mother.
R: I don’t know whether I want a fully functioning relationship with my mother.

While I can see the R-line above as related to the mother’s not understanding the client. But it looks to me like it’s a thought and not a result. I would have thought that the result would have been something like “I shut my mother out of my life.” The R-line above goes a step further. The step after that, I would think, would have been to explore doubt about whether the client actually wants a relationship. Again, I’d put that as a thought, not a result.

Hoping for clarification.