Model Work with Decisions and the Past

I am having confusion around circumstances and actions within my models. When I’m working on models that shaped my decisions in the past (as I’m working through the decisions workbook), Is the Circumstance line the decision (such as deciding to and actually going to bed by 10 PM), or is the action line the decision? My current model looks like this:

C- ?
T- Having a good night’s rest allows me to show up as my best self for the following day.
F – I feel Caring towards my body and mind. I feel deserving to release the day and take care of myself.
A – wind-down routine starts at 9:30 PM In bed by 10 PM.
R – Able to wake up by 6AM the next day, mind is more focused and clear than going to bed later and being tired.

Is the circumstance something more general such as “Bedtime”? Since circumstances are defined as neutral facts wouldn’t the action of going to bed at 10PM be a neutral circumstance as well as an Action? Another Model I did was around my choice to meditate… again, was having a hard time defining the neutral circumstance…

C- ?
T – Meditation helps me feel centered and focused
F – motivated and committed to my mental health
A – Mediate for 5-20 min every day
R – Sense of inner peace and connection to a higher power

Thanks for your insight!