C: Networking event
T: I should wear something dressier. People are probably going to be in suits and dressy business clothes.
F: Inadequate
A: Look in my closet, don’t find anything I want to wear
R: Still wearing jeans and knit top

C: Networking event
T: Dressier clothes aren’t me. I can go as myself and wear what I’m comfortable in. I still look put together the way I am. I can be me and those who like me will find me.
F: Relief
A: Wear jeans, l/s knit top, boots
R: Attend event feeling comfortable with what I’m wearing


C: Work
T: I don’t know if I’m doing a good enough job
F: Doubt
A: Procrastination
R: Don’t do my best job

C: Work
T: It is so interesting how vastly different perspectives my boss and I have about my work. He has such positive feedback for me and my perspective of myself is so negative. This is great news because I see that I’m creating my experience.
F: Optimistic.
A: Plan for the future
R: More committed to my professional development and mind management.


C: Weeknights
T: I should do something productive with my nights but I don’t know where to start or what I want to do.
F: Bored, Resistant, hesitant
A: Research, go on twitter
R: Nothing produced

C: Weeknights
T: I want junk food but I shouldn’t
F: Urgency, resistance
A: Go to the store and get a pie and eat a piece
R: Headache, unable to complete prep for work annual review, go to bed early


How am I doing? For models where we’re changing our thoughts, do we fill in the T line and then come back to the model to fill the rest of it out after we see how the FAR play out or do we guess at what it will be or what we want it to be? The first set of models are ones that actually happened so the result was that I was still wearing what I was wearing but I hadn’t left yet to attend the event and then I had a new thought which was that I could just wear what I was already wearing.