New to Stop Overeating Workshop

Hi Brooke –

I’m new to SCS this month and have been loving all the content. I was a bit all over the place the first week or so, taking in tidbits of November work and other podcasts, etc.

Then I attended the Overeating call last week and was advised to put the November work aside and just watch/listen to the Stop Overeating Workshop and do the workbook.

I don’t understand what to do in the workbook. I expected it to be more like the November workbook where there were specific questions to work through.

I’m enjoying “taking the class” (in smaller sections as I have time), but I’m not taking action. I’ve heard you talk many times about consuming the information… LOL… um ya, that’s me. In the past I have done that big time. I listen to podcasts, I read books, I become practically an expert on paper. But I’m not implementing the changes.

So I want to start taking action, but am still not clear how to do that for the Stop Overeating Workshop/Workbook.