Models blending together

I often get confused by the R line. I’ve taken two examples from the ASK A COACH vault that have been models built by coaches in the Answer section from two different questions.

C: Read news about coronavirus
T: I wish coronavirus would go away
F: anxiety
A: bite nails
R: I have bloody cuticles and my wishes have not affected coronavirus
^^ Isn’t “I have bloody cuticles” just a new C? Isn’t “my wishes have not affected coronavirus” another C?
Both are factual and completely neutral. Is that the whole point?! To see how one circumstance can lead to another completely different circumstance via thoughts, feelings, and actions?

C: she says, “You should be including the pitch of my brand in your sales pitch”
T: I don’t want to but I want to maintain a healthy relationship with her
F: conflicted
A: don’t consider her request, don’t tell her what I really think
R: I am creating an unhealthy relationship
^^ Isn’t “I am creating an unhealthy relationship” just a new thought for a different model? What determines an “unhealthy relationship” other than this particular Scholar’s beliefs? Can’t this A line just be a new C line?!

Am I thinking about models wrong? Or is this how we’re supposed to be thinking about models? It seems like they all have a possibility to be never ending. It makes me wonder if this is how/why people (including me) can so easily compound their “problems”.