models day 4

hi there
here i come with my models:

c: applying for an appartment
t: if we get the appartment all the excitment will be gone and we have nothing to look forward to
f: desperate, sad,
a: thinking about the negative thouhghts instead of looking for furniture or someting
r: not enjoying this experience

c: applying for an appartment
t: we are gonna get the appartment and we will decorate it and make it a wonderful home and have the best time there
f: excited, secure, love
a: looking for furniture
r: enjoying the experience

-> here i noticed that i have the mentalitiy of “whats the point of all of this”. we are super excited when we get something; having a boyfriend, getting married, first apparatment and then we discover it isnt how we imagined it and we are sad, dissapointed.
yes, i know we create the feelings ourselves. but it is often like that. isnt it?

model 2
c: doing models homework
t: am i ever going to get the answers from anyone??
f: frustrated, hopeless, feeling tricked AND trapped
a: not believing in the work
r: not making any serious progress

c: doing models homework
T: believing is most important when you have the hardest time
f: strong, driven
a: concetrating and doing all the work
r: outstanding results

-> i’m scared if i will believe all this that i will loose touch with realitiy and it someday come back crawling.

thanks for your help!

big hug