Models – new to SCS

I wanted to ask a couple of things about the model, if you have a lot of thoughts in your thought download is it ok just to do a model that doesn’t serve and one that does only on one thought. I like doing a thought download in the morning but i can’t models on all of them on weekdays like i can weekends, do you still get good results by not doing models on all the thoughts or should i model the rest of them later on when i get a chance? Or should i just think more serving thoughts in my head instead of writing out the full model, does that work as well or is it better to always write it out? Am i meant to ask myself a specific question before i do the download?

If i see a pattern in my thought downloads where i repeatedly think the same thoughts, should i start practising thinking my serving thought everday like at night before i go to bed as i have more time later in the day?

Sorry to ask lots of questions