Quick Model Overview Video for April

Hi, I’m watching the Quick Model Overview Video for April video and around 4 minutes in, you are explaining about circumstances and thoughts and feelings. Your example of a circumstance is running over the neighbor’s cat. (good example–very vivid!) The example you specify of a thought is “I feel terrible.” Then you say feelings come from thoughts. But didn’t you just talk about a feeling? Isn’t “I feel terrible” a thought that comes as you are reflecting on the feeling?
I’m new to SCS and loving it, but want to clarify on this point. I know sometimes we say “I feel” in a euphemistic way to describe thoughts, like “I feel like I should go over there and say something”–but in your example, it seemed like “I feel terrible” actually is a feeling. “Terrible” could mean you are feeling sad, have a stomach ache, etc. So please help me out with my confusion. Thank you!